Map of canal route

Canal Lateral a la Garonne

After the fast flowing and scary Gironde, tranquillity at Castets.

The canal is 193 kms long and has 53 locks, most of which are automatic.

Barge on the Lateral canal There were very few barges or hire (bumper) boats and less yachts. Our keel is 1.5m deep (fresh water 1.6), she did not touch very often and we could moor at the bank most nights. Local farmers do pump water from the Canals to water their fields and the level could be down by 6 inches in the morning, leaving the keel dug in quite firmly!

Halte Nautiques were provided at most villages and facilities were excellent, with free water, electricity and usually shops nearby for supplies. The disadvantage on these "concrete banks" was the lack of shade , however plane trees all down the canals gave welcome shade from the midday sun. Restaurants charged 50-80 francs for the set menu and local wine was often included! Mas D'agenais

 Junction of the Canals Toulouse the junction of the two Canals.
This a beautiful spot, set in a park......the only downside is the traffic noise from nearby motorways and the occasional visiting tramp.

Canal du Midi
The Canal du Midi is 240 kms from Toulouse to Sete and has 65 locks, about half are automatic and the other half manned. They are a lot older (1670) and shallower which means more flights of locks.The 7 locks of Foncerannes is the biggest challenge, hire boats crews have little boating experience, have consumed lots of wine and don't seem to care about damage to boats or lock gates! BEWARE

Port Vendre on the French/Spanish border, a modified photograph showing the church and fishing fleet. It was sad leaving France which had been our home for 6 months. However we were keen to find somewhere to tie up securely for the winter so we crossed the border to Spain. Fishing boats at Port Vendre

Canal Route

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